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    Contract Renewal


    My T's contract ends on 29 April, and I'm unable to meet her to sign the new contract on the date as we've done in the past. She's suggested I mail her a copy to sign, date and send back, which seems a good idea to me.

    Any pitfalls I should be aware of when doing this?

    Also, I assume she can sign the contract on any date (i.e. she doesn't have to sign it on the 29th) so long as the contract makes clear when her new tenancy starts, correcto?


    This thread is interesting and I look forward to reading your replies.
    I've posted contracts to T's and had our signature witnessed and dated as well as theirs and not had any problems, not sure if it's good practice though!

    If she does not sign a new AST when the old one expires doesn't it mean that the tenancy would then become periodic? In which case can you then backdate an AST as GillsMan suggests or does the date of signing have to be the date it becomes active?

    My T's wish to stay on, however, they decline to sign a new AST as they prefer the flexibility of a periodic tenancy, whereas I would be happier if they signed a new AST, so I am able to advertise the property with more of an idea when they are likely to be moving out. Would you allow the tenancy to become periodic or would you insist on a renewal?

    Sorry for hijacking your thread GillsMan!


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