House sold to new landlord or change of agent

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  • House sold to new landlord or change of agent

    If two people are renting a house and their original landlord sells the property, say half way through the occupants tenancy period. The original tenancy continues until its termination does it. I mean the new landlord cant ask for more money/deposit/etc can they, or can they?

    Does the same apply to to a change of managing agent half way through a tenancy period?

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    New LandLord or Agency can't alter anything whilst Tenant is still within the 6 or 12 month AST (unless the Tenant has done something dumb to void the AST, like use the place as a brothel or something).


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      New landlord has to honour existing fixed term tenancy, but could increase the rent on a periodic tenancy using the normal rules. New landlord is obliged to provide you with his address in England or Wales for the service of documents before any rent is payable.

      A new agent is irelevant, because they are just employees of the landlord and as such, the landlords rights etc remain unchanged by change of agent.


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        T should not recognise new L, nor pay anything at all to new L, unless new L serves on T:
        a. old L's Letter of Authority;
        b. Notice under s.3 of LTA 1985; and
        c. Notice under s.48 of LTA 1987.
        As to L's Letting Agent [A], any change in agency is irrelevant. T has no contract with A, only with L.
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