Can someone explain what MCOL mean in their letter

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    Can someone explain what MCOL mean in their letter

    I applied for rent arrears from tenants via MCOL. Tenants completed defence forms and appeared to offer £100 a month (form wasn't completed fully) but didn't accept they owed the full amount. I completed N225 and requested that they pay the full amount outstanding including court courts and asked that I receive it via an attachment of earnings at a rate of £100 per month.

    I have today received a one line letter from MCOL stating "The judgements of 11th March 2010 stand payable forthwith". I can't see anything that is dated 11th March and don't understand what it means. My forms are returned to me and there is attached a form entitled "BC15 and BC22 determinations". It now shows at the bottom Defendant's offer at £10 and Claimant's request £100.

    Anyone any idea what this means. Have the Court decided the Defendant only needs to pay me £10 instead of the £100 they offered.

    Without sight of the paperwork its impossible to answer your question. It is possible that although the original judgment was a forthwith (immediately) one, the debtor might have applied for a determination of instalments which is done by a higher officer at the court without a hearing.

    If this has happened, then it looks like the order is altered on determination to £10 a month. But you can object to the determination.

    Phone the relevant court, quote the case number and ask them on Monday.


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