Letting agent have invoiced me for quotes

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  • Letting agent have invoiced me for quotes

    Hi all

    I am in dispute with my landlord over a deposit. I have made my case and have asked that the TDS consider what costs are fair.

    However the landlords letting agent have invoiced me £50.00 as an admin fee for getting quotes to clean an oven (no...really).

    They are arguing there is a clause in the contract that allows them to charge this fee seperately from the deposit issue. Therefore the TDS cannot decide if the fee charged for getting the quotes is fair.

    I plan to pay the fee then dispute it as I do not want to risk a CCJ.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this.

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    Don't pay the fee and let them take you to court, you have no contract with the Letting Agent. Your contract is with the Landlord only.
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      That's daylight robbery. I cannot believe a letting agent would do such a thing.

      Agree with j-a-s, don't pay it. You are not going to have a ccj awarded against you for that.
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        Agree with Justaboutsane and mind the gap - however, even in the absolute worse case that it did go to court and the judge went doo-lally and found you liable, you wouldn't get a CCJ if you paid within 14 days.


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          def dont pay it and in future I would suggest that if you see anything in a contract that states this then you ask the LA/LL to cross it out.

          £50 to obtain a quote...... what would there charge be to instruct a contractor??


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