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  • Help with a French Lease

    Can anyone help ? I am in the process of renting out a French House as its been up for sale for 2 years and nobody has even looked at it.
    I have 3 questions.
    1. In the UK you can have the tenant pay the Council Tax however I have been told that in France that is illegal is this true and should I have asked more rent to cover it.
    2. I want the house to remain up for sale whilst its being rented, so obviously I have asked a lower rental and I have offered (and been asked to put it in writing) that if the house is sold I will give the tenant 3 months rent back by way of compensation.
    3. The lease which have been sent to sign does not include these particular circumstances and presumably I would be stupid to let the house out without it being shown on the lease. (Which is hard enough to understand as its in French.
    Anyone with knowledge of French Lease please advise. Thanks.

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    For goodness sake, get a bi-lingual French housing lawyer to advise you. it'd be insane to proceed without having a clue what you're doing.


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