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  • Location of and Access to Electric Meter

    My partner and I are tenants in a large old house (pre 1920's I believe) that has been converted into two flats. The landlord lives in the upstairs flat and we rent the ground floor on an AST. Our flat also contains the basement.

    The electrical socket main and the lights to the front of the flat are on an electric meter located in our hallway. However all the lights for the basement (our 10 year old sons bedroom), toilet, bathroom, dining room and kitchen are on the meter / fusebox upstairs in the landlords flat. We have no access to this meter / fusebox. If a bulb goes we are dependant upon the landlord resetting the fuse (this has happened twice now, fortunately both times they were home). If there were an electrical fault / fire we would have no way of getting to the fusebox to turn off the electrics. We were not informed of this before we moved in, and only found out when a bulb went, tripped the fuse and we couldn't reset it.

    Is this legal? We have written to the landlord and requested access to the fusebox but they have refused as this would mean them giving us a key to their flat. If a bulb blew and the fuse tripped while they were away we would be left in darkness in half our flat as we would not be able to reset the fuse.

    In addition as the lights in the rear of our flat are on the same main as the landlord they are paying for the electric for them. On more than one occasion they have come downstairs unanounced and asked us to not have the lights on in our own flat as they are "worried about the cost to them". Would this constitute harassment? Would we be within our rights to ask the landlord to have the flat re-wired so we have the meter and fusebox for our lights in our own flat? We would certainly rather this was the situation and pay for the electric rather than have the lights in half our flat at the whim of the landlord.



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    Could really do with information about the legality of the fusebox for half our electrics being located in another flat to which we have no access. I'd much rather be paying for the electric and know that if a bulb goes or even worse we have an electrical fire we have immediate access to the fusebox to take the necessary action. Is it reasonable that we should expect the LL to have the fusebox sited in our flat? I can't see them being happy to give us or any future tenants a key to access their property so that we can access the fusebox.




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      As a self contained flat, you should have your own electrical wiring for all the rooms in the flat independent of the Landlord's flat above.

      Yes, you are within your rights to ask that the LL get this sorted.

      Write to them again, explaining your concern and requesting that they sort it out. If no response, then I'd suggest getting a couple of sparkies in to give you a quote on getting the rewiring done, and then give the quotes to the LL.

      You should also inform them that if they don't sort it, you will get the work done, using one of the sparkies that quoted, and that you'd deduct the cost from rent.

      That should get some response.


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        Whilst all the above advice is sound also consider this - if the electircity for the kitchen etc. is on the landlords meter this also means you arn't paying for it! if you have an electric oven and/or heating this could amount to a fair bit over a tenancy.


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