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  • Holding Deposit.

    LL was given holding deposit to take Property of the market after viewing.

    Holding deposit was paid for this.

    References were taken, contracts drawn up and dispatched to tenants.

    Two days before signing and moving in, tenants decide not to go ahead.

    Reason being T have found somewhere else. (note: Tenants not given this reason in writing, just that the tenancy is not going ahead)

    LL thinks there is entitlement to pay for advertising and 10 days of rent out of holding deposit. (Note: the property was not shown for ten days)

    Is the LL entitled to claim 10 days of rent, and under what statue/precedence.
    Is LL entitled to claim for cost of re advertising, and again under what statue/precedence.

    Thanks for the help, I have tried to put this here without bias, so won't say if I am the T or the LL.

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    It all depends on precisely what the terms the deposit was taken. Have a look at this thread: http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...ad.php?t=13840


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