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    Thank you, Snorkerz.

    I've just been reading through some of the other posts on short lets (sorry, didn't realise there was another thread), and someone proposed writing into the terms of the AST to double the rent say in the x+1 month if the initial agreement was for x months, as a deterrent against the tenant staying longer than the x months agreed. Is that legal so I can just amend the AST in this way?

    Also, what would be the landlord's responsibilities on utilities and council taxes? Does Landlord have to cover these for lets under 6 months, or can the landlord expect the tenant to cover these bills?

    Jeffrey, I notice you seem to be a big fan of the SAT...would you still recommend one, given Preston's objections of its riskiness and the timing of the g1 notice? The SAT agreements don't seem to be very common, or am I mistaken?


      SATs have advantages and disadvantages. Use one only if legally advised or you really know what you're doing.
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