PCOL S8 case dismissed, what are my options?

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    Originally posted by tom999 View Post
    (b) in the case of a replacement tenancy, six months after the beginning of the original tenancy."
    Originally posted by Krispy View Post
    But isnt this is a replacement tenancy? a further 6 months statutory protection would not apply.
    Thanks Krispy - I am sure that 21(5)(b) applies to the original post.

    Tom999 - I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one


      Originally posted by Krispy View Post
      But isnt this is a replacement tenancy?
      Yes, I agree; s.21(5)(b) applies*.

      To conclude, once the same tenant accumulates at least six months of tenancy for this property for this landlord, whether under one AST or more than one consecutive ASTs, the landlord can obtain and enforce a Possession Order under s.21.

      * Post #14 wrongly assumed a different tenant for the new tenancy.
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        I agree. For a letting to be a replacement tenancy (avoiding the six-month rule):
        a. L/T/premises must be the same; and
        b. T must have already clocked-up six months.
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