Court Possesion Order Granted - 14 days!

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    Court Possesion Order Granted - 14 days!

    Hi, my landlord has now been granted possession of our rented house within 14 days and need some advice again please!

    Due to pretty crap financial circumstances, we had to go to the council for help when the LL served a section 21 (served as he wishes to sell not because of arrears), they advised us not to move and wait until the LL applies for possession to the court. They did this last month and it was originally 'struck out' as they did not word the section 21 correctly.

    Now I have just received a letter saying that ruling has been overturned and possession has been granted within 14 days (even though I defended it as we have extenuating circs and this was granted 8 days ago as well). Have gone straight back to council and have now been told to ignore the court order and wait until the LL has instructed bailiffs!! FFS this is getting quite stressful. Anyone know how long it takes to arrange for bailiffs to evict and also will they turn up announced ? Should I inform our letting agent that we have advised to stay put again so they don't turn up at the door on the 14th day telling us to get out?

    Have been informed by our local advice centre that we will obviously be responsible for all the costs incurred by the LL so will be landed with a massive bill as well. We have not made ourselves intentionally homeless but can't afford to rent anywhere else due to deposit etc, and agency fees (husband does work btw). Any advice on how to deal with the council's lack of help??

    Standard response from the council for you to wait until baliffs arrive. It is there way of ensuring they only help those in desparate need and hope people will sort themselves out before that time.

    You are in a no win situation, either you wait until the baliffs arrive and then be liable for all the landlords costs, or you sort yourselves out a private rental. Does your council offer a bond scheme for those without deposits?


      Originally posted by andies View Post
      .......... but can't afford to rent anywhere else due to deposit etc, and agency fees (husband does work btw). Any advice on how to deal with the council's lack of help??
      But, if you have looked after your present property carefully you should get your deposit back in full shortly after leaving. A short term bank overdraft would enable you to pay a deposit on another rental property. Also, you don't necessarily need to use agents when renting a property. Dealing directly with the LL will reduce your costs considerably.


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      • Reply to Help - evicted tenant leaves a nasty surprise behind
        by jpkeates
        Try and change suppliers.
        The outgoing supplier will do everything that they can to prevent this (the automated routes won't work), but they'll have to do it eventually.
        30-07-2021, 11:12 AM
      • Help - evicted tenant leaves a nasty surprise behind
        by nreid
        My tenant was evicted back in April of this year after a lengthy period.
        Besides this trauma, the problems continue.

        My new agent has emptied the letterbox and found a number of concerning items. One is the matter of a court summons for unpaid council tax. I have since taken over...
        29-07-2021, 20:21 PM
      • Reply to solicitors fees
        by doobrey
        It sounds like it. But as above ask for a breakdown of fees first and take it from there.

        There is a Solicitors Regulation Authority. It has a Code of Conduct....
        30-07-2021, 11:10 AM
      • solicitors fees
        by rob1648
        Hi all , finally managed to get my tenant evicted after 18 months of hell using high court bailiffs , house now sold so happy days, we tried initially to do the section 21ourselves but made mistakes which citizens advice happily pointed out to our tenant so we decided to use a solicitor to act for us...
        29-07-2021, 15:19 PM
      • Reply to Help! Sub tenant with no contract eviction rights
        by jpkeates
        Assuming that you are a tenant (there's a good checker on the Shelter website - which might be useful to point your landlord at)..

        There are a number of ways a tenancy can be brought to an end, but for a landlord to end the tenancy, there are only two options (other than by agreement with...
        30-07-2021, 11:10 AM
      • Help! Sub tenant with no contract eviction rights
        by Yasmenaax
        Hi there,

        I moved into a property 2-3 months ago which was subletted to me by a girl named on the main tenancy contract of the property. I handed over a deposit (which is currently unprotected) and have paid rent on time. She today decided to give me notice to leave, giving me only 2 weeks...
        29-07-2021, 02:19 AM
      • Reply to solicitors fees
        by Piffy
        We had a very high solicitors charge but my partner noticed in their terms & conditions that they had put that if their charges were going to go over £5000 they would contact us first, which they had not done, so the bill was reduced to £5000 plus Vat at £1000.
        And I believe that there...
        30-07-2021, 11:06 AM
      • Reply to solicitors fees
        by Hudson01
        We all understand that they are not known for their charitable nature...... but 9k !!!! As has been said, ask for a detailed breakdown of exactly how they have spent a weeks worth of time (avrg 48hr week) to deal with this simple (non contested) S21....... Wow
        30-07-2021, 11:00 AM
      • Reply to solicitors fees
        by Section20z
        It's not just the hours don't forget, it takes six years training to learn how to inflate fees like that...
        30-07-2021, 10:45 AM
      • Reply to Help! Sub tenant with no contract eviction rights
        by Yasmenaax
        Appreciate the clarification, I did do a lot of digging around after you first mentioned exclusive occupation into the laws regarding this so I definitely understand your point there now. And as far as I can tell from that, my being here should constitute the requirements of a (sub)tenancy.
        30-07-2021, 10:35 AM