Leave the house before the end of the notice period?

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  • Leave the house before the end of the notice period?


    I am planning to move house on the 1st April. My notice period for my current property ends 10th April (it's a 1-month notice with the rent-due date of the 10th of each month). I was wondering if I can leave my old home on the 1st in order to move into my new home without getting any hassle from my current letting agency. The date for handing back the key, and the end-inspection is the 9th April. Can I leave the house vacant for 9 days?

    Kind regards,

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    I forgot to mention that I have a rolling contract.


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      Make perfect sense, you would still have to pay the rent for the whole period of course but it gives you much longer to finish the cleaning.

      Most LL insurance policies ask for a rental property to be left vacant for no more than 28 days. I don't see that 9 days will be an issue


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        I pay rent in advance, so my rent until the 10th April went out of my account at the beginning of March. Hence, I have already paid for each day until the 10th April. If I moved out earlier, it'd actually be my loss, wouldn't it?

        I am just a wee bit concerned that my letting agency (they are a bit difficult to say the least) make any trouble.

        Thanks for your reply!


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          Your legal relationship and respsonibility is between you and landlord, the agent acts on the LL behalf.

          There is no obvious legal or deemed as normal contractual reason for it to be an issue


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            Thank you very much, Matthew. Your help's greatly appreciated


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