Winesses to a Deed - occupation required?

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  • Winesses to a Deed - occupation required?

    I am currently organising a Deed which has required witnessed signatures of several family members; this document has been sent all around the country and has been returned to me for forwarding to the solicitor.

    Instructions were that witnesses should sign the document and print their name, plus address and occupation. I note to my consternation that several witnesses have failed to include their occupation.

    Can anybody advise - does this matter? If so do I need to return the document to the witnesses to have them add this information, or is it OK to find it out and add it myself?

    (Obviously I will be asking my solictor, but they are so anally retentive that I have little doubt that they will say it needs doing again - I'd just like to know the legal position before going back to them.)

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    It is not necessary for a witness to state his occupation. See for example the forms of execution set out Schedule 9 to the Land Registration Rules :


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      Originally posted by Lawcruncher View Post
      It is not necessary for a witness to state his occupation
      That's great; many thanks for the reassurance!


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