Various property defects; can T surrender early?

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  • Various property defects; can T surrender early?


    Just after a few bits of advice really ill start from the beginging which is probally best.

    The house that i have rented is through a letting agent and am paying nearly £1000 per month for the priveldge.

    The problem i have is with work been fixed on the house i will list this below so you can see whats gone wrong and the sort of things that are an issue.

    Bathroom Taps reported on the 26th November Still not working.

    Builders rubble left in garden 1st December has been removed after 2 weeks of chasing.

    Consumer unit was promised as soon as I moved in was done in Jan.

    House was filthy when I moved in cleaner was sent round but did nothing reported on the 4th December

    Broken window in master bedroom fixed after 1 month of it been stuck open by 3 inches!

    Broken window pane in master bedroom still broke reported 2nd feb .

    Leak through the ceiling on 2nd floor guy came round but not rectified as he couldn’t find anything the matter with it.

    Blocked drain took over a week and a visit from Sharon too take a photo of the blocked drain but a plumber was sent round!!

    Leaking bidet- This is a major concern as the plumber has mentioned replacing the roof of the utility room does this mean it could collapse?? If so this needs to be made safe asap.

    Hot Water- The hot water coming out of the taps is so hot you cannot put your hand under it, This water is pretty much boiling and is dangerous especially to children.

    Toilet wobbly so you can hardly sit on it and flush not working well.

    We also have two young children in the house and hot water thing really is bad its so hot you can make tea or coffee with it.

    There are other issues but i forget at the moment.

    Where do we stand as for terminating early and getting deposit back there is pretty much 2 half months out of the 6 month agreement left.

    We are leaving the house anyway as the stress and hassle it has cuased is not worth it but i really dont want too loose 2 months deposit.

    I understand there is some sort of rule in the tennacy agreement about the bathroom needs to be fully working which its not can this be used as an exit stratergy or is there anything else that can be used.


    As you can see its been a catologue of issues and the saintry devices been p

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    Contact your local Environmental Health Officer who might be able to serve Notice on the agent or landlord.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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      Apply the process of "set off" to get the repairs done, most sound fairly cheap to get done and given your rent is #1000, a months rent would more than cover it.

      Be sure to follow due process though.

      In my view termination is unlikely on those grounds because they are all easily fixable issues and not structural.

      I agree the hot water is dangerous around children, check the hot water cylinder and look for a box with a temperature setting on it. If it is set low already then the system is broken, if it is set high then turn it down with a screw driver. If is an immersion heater the thermostat is on the inside of the box on top of the cylinder, unless you are comfortable with electrical work I would ask a plumber to fix it. If you are confortable, a new thermostat is less than a tenner.

      Blocked drain are usually the tenants responsibility unless the drain has collapsed.

      The roof is unlikley to collapse, it would need to be rotten to collapse


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        Originally posted by 44ark View Post

        Hot Water- The hot water coming out of the taps is so hot you cannot put your hand under it, This water is pretty much boiling and is dangerous especially to children.

        We also have two young children in the house and hot water thing really is bad its so hot you can make tea or coffee with it.

        You really must do something about the temperature of the hot water straight away to protect your own children.

        Have you looked to see where the thermostat is? once you've found it, you should be able to turn the temperature down.

        If at that stage the thermostat won't adjust, then you must WRITE to the landlord (perhaps you already have? if so, when?).

        If the landlord doesn't respond reasonably quickly, say within 14 days, you should follow the various steps outlined in other threads about getting 3 quotations, getting the work done, etc.


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          See this link


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