Discrepancies- names on AST v. the occupants

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    Originally posted by hello83 View Post
    someething like this? (I found it on the internet):

    _________________ ________, 20_____

    Dear _________________________________:

    I rent an apartment from you at ________________________ ____________________
    All you need to say is that you are giving notice to end the tenancy for [property address] on [date the notice expires]. You don't need to put in stuff about the deposit or utilities. The latter will not be switched off if the other tenants are planning on staying and signing a new contract with the LL. And depending on which scheme the deposit is protected by, it may not be the LL who will return it to you, but the scheme or the lead tenant.


      Originally posted by westminster View Post
      Do you mean that the original fixed term of the assured shorthold tenancy contract, for a property in England or Wales, has now ended and it is now a periodic tenancy?
      yes!I mean all that

      thanks for your help ... it's all clear now


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