Family member also resides but how can owner evict?

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    Family member also resides but how can owner evict?


    Ive searched the site for but dont seem to get any answers:

    I own my house and have a guest member (family) who has been staying with me for over ten years.

    What is the quickest way I can throw them out - they have no tenancy agreement, pay no rent etc...

    Ive seen other threads with somehting about section 8, 21 for evictions and wonder if they can apply here. But as stated there is no tenency agreement as such.

    What sort of notice do I have to provide, and how can I keep this at a minimum.

    Thank you.

    NOt sure if the 10 years make any difference but if it doesn't, your "guest" is actually a lodger (if you live in the same house) and therefore has no tenancy right. You can simply ask him to leave your home at anytime for any reason you like.

    Now if this person has lived there for 10 years it might be nicer to give him notice and time to find a new home.

    But don't go throw the person out just yet as I'm not 100% sure that the 10 years make a difference or not. Wait for an expert to confirm it or corrcet me.


      Isnt there some regulation if the person has nowhere to go.
      ie. does some sort of notice have to be made so alternative arrangements can be made.

      In particular for persons who claim council housing.

      So there are no regulations regarding vunerable guests who are thrown out.
      Even if this was their family home for a long duration ie. 10 years.


        As I said I don't know if the 10 years make a difference to the answer to your question, but no, lodgers usually don't have any tenancy rights.

        Just wait for an expert to give you an answer here.


          Can I make them homeless (they have nowhere to go) without notice.
          If not what is the minimum period needed.

          Surely I dont have to go through court proceedings to evict them - even if they have nowhere to go.


            What Jen is saying is that he has no rights, im not even sure he is a lodger as he has paid no rent ever, so that makes him a Guest, and now you have said "GO" he is trespassing. tenancy rights dont come into it because he is living under the same roof as the landlord and share's your ammenities.

            BUT, we are not legal eagles here, so its this is just our interperatation, check it with a solicitor or someone more qualified to post.


              OK, most probably no notice has to be given.

              This issue boils down to whether the person has a tenancy agreement, not how long they've been there even if they regard it as home.

              Just wait to know if there is indeed a notice needed to evict a 'residential occupier'. I assume this covers habitants, possible long term.

              How about squatters then? Are they not evicted due to loopholes in English law, for properties left unattended.
              Is the fact that the property is left unattended while being vacated by the squatters the discriminant as to why evictions cant be made.


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