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    Deposit dispute with T and

    Bought the Property in Aug 2008 to live in, but there was already a AST tenancy going on so i couldnt evict the tenant. Deposit was protect via MyDeposits.<o.vk with previous landlord.

    as there was a change of Property ownership, my State Agent said there is no need to sign another contract as there is already ongoing contact running so we notified the Tenent there was change of ownership and the tenent was find with that.

    December 2008 there was a problem with rent for whatever problem with the tenent the rent started coming late.

    so then the tenent started to claim the housing benifit.

    after that the rent problem was sorted, so as the Tenency was expiring on 1st June 2009 we served a Section 21 Notice to on 1st April to get repossession if the property. but the tenent decided not to move out. we have started a claim with LandlordAction

    we had a court date on 26th feb 2009 but the Tenent decided to defent the case on grounds of Deposit not protected.

    their saying is that as there was a change of ownership it was my responsibily to Protect the deposit and now fighting the case on this ground. they also said that the tenent tried to claim the deposit back 3 times but was unable to cliam. but what i have to say is IF the tenent is stil living at the property WHY is she trying to claim the deposit back?? we have another court date in Woolwich County Court on 17th March 2010 and i need a good Solicitor to help me fight my case.

    P.S another point.. in order to claim the housing benifit the Tenent decided to make up another AST with my name on it and signed it [On Behalf of me (this is a fruad) and she had admitted to the court that she did forged my signature] in order to claim the housing benifit. i and my state agent only found out about this while my Agent was dealing with the council to help the tenent with her benifit.

    we did report to the police but they said this was a civil court matter and this should be delt with in court.

    plus The Tenent has not paid the top up rent on top of the housing benifit (which is currently coming directly me (landlord).

    the Tenent are really BAD and i need your help to evict them ASAP.

    if you think your team can help please get back to me asap.

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