Third Party Rental Retrieval

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  • Mr Dino
    started a topic Third Party Rental Retrieval

    Third Party Rental Retrieval

    Hello all, I would welcome your advice,

    My tenant has fallen behind with the rent (two months) in the fourth month of a six month tenancy due to being made redundant. They now have moved in with a friend and wish to be released from the tenancy contract, to which I have agreed once another tenant has been found. Until then I have agreed with my tenant and management company (as standard) that the tenant will be be responsible for the rent and utilities.

    I have subsequently received an email from my managment company stating that the tenant has gone silent and that I will be responsible for the payment to 'their' third party rental retieval company should it become necessary. A point which I immediatedly disputed when in my contract it clearly states;

    (Default by tenant)
    "If the tenant breaches this agreement or fails to fulfil any obligations under this agreement, the Tenant shall pay any reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord (or the agent) in remedying such breaches or in connection with the enforcement of these obligations"

    Surely this states in black and white that the tenant is responsible for payment to the third party, should it become necessary, as I would consider rental retrieval a 'reasonable cost' as it is the basis of this industry.

    For the record I have a months deposit and the tenant has no gauantor.

    Many thanks and I look forward to your comments

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