T faces predicament re let premises over pub

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  • T faces predicament re let premises over pub

    hello all, my name is sall, im 25 and i am in a desperate posistion. i currently rent the flat above a pub but the relationship between us has turned nasty and im now facing eviction. this would normally be no problem for us as my partner is a devoted dad and a hard worker, but for 2 years i have been disabled with mental issues and life has become very difficult. he got made redundant last year and things have nose dived into chaos ever since. my condition is worse and to strain even more we have two young kids. he has to care for me and the kids and ontop of this he is searching for night work. we are in turmoil as now we claim dss we cant get a house to rent. we are good honest people who have had some horrid misfortune of late. we have tried to tell our council but we are getting nowhere with them, my condition gets worse every day now due to stress from the landlord who is very unreasonable and is not experienced at dealing with tenants at all. we have tried to help them out as much as we can but it fails to ease our plight. please if there is someone here who can give us some help or advice i would be very greatful. this could save us alot of stress and worry and get me on the road to good health once more, we live in the cannock area of staffordshire
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    What exactly is/are your question(s)?


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      Do you and/or your partner have an assured shorthold tenancy, or are you lodgers (i.e. do you live in the same building as the landlord)?

      If an AST, when did it start, when does/did the fixed term expire, did you pay a deposit and is it protected in a scheme?

      Is the Landlord connected with the pub?

      In what way are you facing eviction? What has happened, have you received a notice from the landlord?


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