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    Advice on Surrender of AST

    Hi all,

    This evening I am meeting T to sign a surrender, check out meeting and return of keys. He owes around £500 in rent. What are the key pieces of information that need to be included on the deed of surrender? I have included a forwarding address, key dates, details of T and LL, terms of surrender and release. What further information can I take from T to give myself the best chance of recovering arrears in court in the future if he doesn't pay as we have arranged? We only agreed to the surrender as we've found a replacement T, and the T is in financial difficulty as it is, so we'd rather recover rent for the last couple of months than allow him to accrue further arrears which he could not (and probably wouldn't) pay back.

    Any advice appreciated, I'm quite nervous, not sure why but I just want this T out as easily as possible.


    I'd recommend getting a Deed of Surrender drawn up by a solicitor qualified in LL & T law, rather than a DIY job.
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