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    worthless guarantor

    Dear All,

    Advice needed from those in the know.

    My agent processed an application for my house with a guarantor. Long story but they never saw the guarantor in person, or spoke to him and it appears that the tenant forged the guarantors signature. He is now out of the house but left 3000 owing in rent , thefts and ,malicious damage. The police were ionvolved and he admitted that he forged the signature. That doesnt help me get through the small claims courts as he owns nothing.

    The agent uses the logos of OFT approved code and ES ombudsman( which is now the property ombudsman), When I have approached these organisations, the ombudsman said they are registered for sales, not lettings, so thay cant act. The OFT doesnt seem to reply to anything and comsumer direct say they dont get involved in estate agent stuff.

    What is the Estate Agent redress scheme all about.? Can it help me? the agent just ignores all letter from my solicitors and refuses to discuss anything on the phone.

    I beleive they knew that the guarantor was forged as they refused to give me any documents about the guarantor and I had to get copies via a solicitor from the credic ref agency.

    What do I do now, time is running out, the tenant left the property 3 months ago

    I do hope you get some redress from sloppy Estate Agents who fail in their duty of care. I have been let down by a letting agent and now face serious losses. Hoping someone should be able to advise.


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