Can I claim anything back for this?

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    Can I claim anything back for this?


    My tenants moved out last week. I have had a report from the agent managing this for me as I am not in the UK at the minute. Amongst other things the T's have repainted (badly) one room and touched up several others leaving it like a patchwork quilt! They have badly dented a freezer door (4 years old), had sky tv fitted to 2 rooms without permission and the wiring is a mess inside and out. Am I able to claim for the cost of redecorating the rooms that need it. removing the wiring etc from sky and anything for the freezer?

    Thanks in advance.

    Short answer is yes to repainting and removing wiring and making good. Maybe a bit for the freezer but only to repair or replace with one of similar age, not to replace with new.

    Slightly longer answer - whether you get it will depend on how good your inventory going in and coming out is. If you can't prove the damage you will have difficulty recovering the money.

    One tip re. the redocorating, if the tenant objects do not agree to using the deposit protection scheme arbitration as the tenant will say 'I redecorated the place is improved' and you will say 'He did but did such a poor job it has to be redone', from what I have seen the arbitrators tend to come down on tenants side in these circumstances insist on going to court. In any event make sure you take a ton of photos to back up your version before doing any of hte repairs.


      Agree 100% with fletchj. Claim via the court, especially if the deposit does not cover the cost of repairs/repainting. Good before/after evidence of condition is essential to your success, ideally including check-in/out inventories, and high res photos showing details of poor workmanship. It won't necessarily show up enough in a general 'room view' shot.


        Thanks for you advice.

        Unfortunately my check in/out inventory doesn't seem to be that good. I have only just seen the them both which the letting agent completed, the check in inventory seems to be very basic although doesn't mention any marks to paintwork or freezer. I am obtaining quotes for work required, fingers crossed they won't dispute it!!!

        Have you any idea what I could claim for the freezer? I have also discovered the fridge is also scratched, could I claim for this too?

        Sorry lots of questins again!


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