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  • Minimum Notice and Deposit Scheme

    Hi all

    I am coming up to the end of my 12 month assured shorthold lease, I am planning on moving out on the 31st of March. I spoke to my landlord last night and he assures me that I have to give 2 months notice? This is not written into the contract and as far as I was aware it was only mandority outside the fixed-term.

    Could someone please verifiy/correct me?

    Also I didn't receive details regarding which deposit scheme I was with, which I read is required within 14 days.

    One last thing, in the 1st year the contract stated the landlord will pay the water rates, he did not. This was changed in the 2nd year contract. Is this something I can bring up?

    I'd normally let these small things go, but if he's going to make it difficult...


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    You don't have to give notice to end a fixed term tenancy; you are entitled to leave on or before the last day of the fixed term. You are not liable for any further rent beyond the end of the fixed term unless you remain in occupation.

    If you have an assured shorthold tenancy, in England/Wales, with rent less than £2,083.33 pcm, commencing after 6th April 2007, then the landlord should have protected the deposit. Write to the landlord requesting details of the scheme.

    If you paid the water rates for year 1, all you can do is write and ask for a refund, give a deadline to pay, failing which issue a claim against the landlord using Money Claim Online.

    With all letters to LL, keep copies, send first class with a free certificate of posting, and file together with the copy.


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      Thanks for the quick reply westminster, much appreciated.

      Seems like you have confirmed my thoughts (and lowered my stress levels!).


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        Regarding the letter asking for a refund, is there a standard template I could follow? I've had a search but didn't find much... I have just noticed the copy of the first contract we have isn't signed

        I found snorkerz extremely helpful deposit form last night so have filled that out, and sent the letter to the LL asking him which scheme we have been "put on".


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