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    Notice period advice


    I had a six month tenancy agreement through an agent with my landlord. After six months the agreement was not renewed as she didn't want to pay the agent to renew. It is now over a year later.

    She recently gave us 2 months notice as she wants to sell the house, as it happened I am buying a house so i gave her 1 month notice after that.

    She now states that our tenancy agreement says that we owe her two months notice.

    Is she entitled to this?

    I am not that tight - but I know she is going to make life difficult as she has already written us two letters and started talking about paying a gardener £150 for hedge tidying!

    Does anyone have any advice?

    She is entitled to one full month's notice, in writing, bringing the tenancy to an end at the end of a rent period.


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