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    Irrespective of the legal ( and good ) advice.

    You signed a 6 month contract, and you are complying with that contract not to rent for more than 6 months., and ( tell them ) that you will honour that contract to rent for 6 months only, and you will be leaving once your contract comes to an end as you did not sign an 8 month contract. ( do not stay 1 minute more than your contract, or they can legaly charge you an extra months rent, best to leave and hand back the keys hours , or a day before you were given legal possession )

    Normaly, one gives 2 months notice, 2 months before the end of the contract. NOT at the end of the contract. They have their brains reversed. They are trying it on. But we all know about Foxtons legal extortion, -- legal until contested in the courts. ( nothing to do with your complaint )

    Best of luck with the further advice you get on here to resolve this problem


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