TDS, what happens after 10 days?

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    TDS, what happens after 10 days?

    Hi all,

    My current situation is that the agency (they dont manage the property) has the deposit and it is protected with mydeposits. After vacating last week I contacted the agent yesterday and officially requested they return our deposit.

    As expected they responded and said they were now waiting for a response from the landlord to see if he has any deductions he would like to make. My landlord is a flake at the best of times and difficult to get a hold of. I would like to know what happens if the 10 working days pass (I think that means Monday the 15th since that is 10 days since I requested it returned) and they have not heard anything from him? Do I get my deposit back in full at that stage or do I have to give him further opportunity to respond?


    Call mydeposits and ask them.


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