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    Landlord Obligations?

    I was going to move out of my current flat after purchasing a flat of my own, but that has now fallen through so I'm going to stay put. When I thought I was moving out I started to research my rights as I was unsure about a few things.

    It was then that I discovered that my landlord had not protected my deposit as is required. I'm not too worried about that and will pursue it if I actually end up having problems having my deposit returned.

    I then came across something that suggested I'm supposed to have annual checks on my boiler. The boiler has never been inspected in the three years that I've lived here.

    I intend to contact my landlord to request that a) the deposit is protected and b) my boiler is serviced.

    However, both of these things start alarm bells ringing in my head that there might be other things he should have been doing but hasnt. I dont think these oversights are malicious, just more likely a landlord that doesnt know his obligations.

    As far as I can see, these are the main points, but is there anything else he should have done but may not have done?

    Many thanks in advance.

    if your tenancy started after 1st October 2008 then your landlord should have provided you with an Energy Performance Certificate - this is a requirement however not the end of the world should you not have one.

    Landlords Gas Safety cert is of paramount importance to get done along with portable applicance testing on any electric goods your landlord may of supplied

    Deposit - just tell your landlord he has to protect it other you could claim against him and whilst you dont want to do this you would prefer it to be protected for your peace of mind.


      Just to pick up on Poppy35s comment - PAT on electrical items is not compulsorty. Advisory, maybe, but compulsory - no.

      Electrical testing is necessary in HMO properties


        The gas safety is compulsory and important.

        The OP dosn't say when the tenancy started or whether it has been renewed. If the tenancy started before 2007 and then became a statutory periodic tenancy then there is no requirement to protect the deposit.

        Also the tanancy must be an AST so in England and Wales and less than 25K pa.


          Ok so looks like I havent missed anything then. I'm sure he'll sort out the gas safety if I mention it. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing else.

          I understand the deposit does need to be protected. Tenancy began in June 2007, renewed on June 2008 then became a statutory periodic tenancy from June 2009. It even says in the lease that it will be protected, but I checked and it hasnt. I was initially worried about this, but if I have any trouble getting my deposit back, I can mention the 3 x penalty and I'm sure he'd get it protected ASAP so doesnt seem like worth worrying about now.


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