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  • Bathroom fire

    A tenant contacted me to let me know there'd been a fire in the bathroom and she'd inhaled a lot of smoke. The bathroom is smoke damaged but structurally ok. Apparently she turned the heater on the in bathroom then went to bed leaving it on. Somehow the heater fell of the wall and set light to a wooden picture frame. Went round there today and she's ok and i said why didn't the smoke alarms go off? Tried it and it wasnt working and looked inside and she'd taken the battery out. Obviously this is very worrying as she could have died. I'm getting my electrician down tomorrow to check out the rest of the wiring but i'm confident it's all ok and he's suggested he could fit mains powered smoke alarms to prevent this happening again. My concerns are what else can i do and how can i protect myself from this sort of thing? She went to bed leaving the fire on and had removed the smoke alarm batteries which seems completely outside of my control. Obviously she wants the smoke damage repaired and am gonna ring my insurance company on monday but will this be covered under buildings insurance as the actual structure is ok. Also, removing the batteries etc sounds like bad news and i'm not going to lie to insurance company as i would put myself in the frame for fraud.

    any advice welcomes,


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    Originally posted by jackboy View Post
    She went to bed leaving the fire on and had removed the smoke alarm batteries which seems completely outside of my control.
    Whilst T's safety is of the utmost concern, T has caused the danger of a fire risk herself, by:
    (1) making the smoke alarm ineffective, and;
    (2) leaving the fire on and going to sleep.

    Without knowing the full facts*, one option may be to ask T to pay for the damage (unless it can be proven that the fire was faulty in some way).

    * e.g. not sure how a fire can fall off a wall on it's own, unless it was loose in the first place.
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