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  • Renewing AST & electric meter access

    MY 6 month AST is up in 2 days and I've got a letter saying I have to sign a new agreement and pay an admin charge of £20 for doing so. First, I had no idea you had to pay for renewals - £20 is reasonable I guess, but do I have to pay it? In the original agreement under 'Ending the agreement' it states...

    4.1 If the Tenant stays on after the end of fixed term, his tenancy will continue but will run from month to month (a periodic tenancy.) This periodic tenancy can be ended by the tenant giving at least one months written notice to the landlord, the notice expires at the end of the rental period., if I don't sign anything, will I not just be on this periodic tenancy? The letter says if I wish to stay in the property, I have to sign it, so I'm guessing no?
    I may be looking to move to somewhere cheaper soon, or finding someone to share with, so I really don't want to sign for another 6 months. If I tell them this are they likely to allow me to stay on a month to month basis, and if I do that are they going to charge me to renew an agreement every month?

    If i just give my months written notice now, do I still have to sign some new agreement because I am here past the original agreement date?

    Sorry, find all of this confusing and I'm kind of shy so when I go in to speak with them I want to understand what I'm doing, 'cause otherwise I'll just keep shut and sign and be stuck for another 6 months.

    Also...I live in a newly built 13 story block of flats. The electric meters are all in one room on the ground floor, which is locked by a code with a "No entry" sign on the door. We have to go through the landlord to get a reading. I had to ask 4 times before I eventually got one, the first 3 times they wrote in their book they would do it and post it through my letterbox, the 4th I got him to go do it. It's very inconvenient when it's the first place I've moved into and have no clue how to budget because I have no idea what electric I'm paying. Shouldn't we have better access to our meters?

    I thought I was on economy 7 (this place is electric only) but there was only one reading - would it be two readings if I was? If I worked it out right from the standard tarrifs, I'm going to be paying roughly £490 for the first 5 months. I haven't had a bill yet and they said everyone will be getting them at the same time. Some people only moved in last month, so I'm guessing I'll be getting my first bill in 2 or 3 months. I'm not sure I can afford this later on - who do I go to if I want to change electric companies/tarrifs - the electric company or the landlord? As I've had no bill, I have no account number or anything.

    If I do end up moving out, do I just inform the electric company where to send my bill? I don't want it to be ignored and result in me being blacklisted or something.

    Sorry, lots of questions, probably simple ones compared to many others.

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    Is the paragraph on periodic tenancies correct? I technically don't have to do anything? It's just the letter they sent makes it sound like I will be kicked out if I don't do anything - "If you wish to stay in the property, you will need to sign..."


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      You currently have a periodic tenancy, which mean you have less security and LL can serve a 2 month Section 21 notice for you to leave. If you don't want to stay for long or have any other plans, do not sign a new contract otherwise you will not be able to leave until the new contract has expired.


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        IF your LL hasn't already served you 2 months notice to quit at the end of the fixed term, you have three options

        1. Leave at the end of your fixed term-no notice needed.
        2 Sign a new tenancy-meaning both you and your LL are commited to the length of the fixed term.
        3. Let your tenancy turn periodic-You will need to give one months notice to coincide with the rental period, your LL needs to give you 2 months to also coincide with the rental period.
        If you want to leave in 1 months time you will have to give your notice on the last day of your current tenancy.
        I would speak to your LL and see if he is happy for you to be on a periodic tenancy it's up to him not the letting agents.
        By the way £20 is reasonable for a re-sign.


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          Ah, my landlord basically is the letting agents though. I guess I'll speak to them, I'm uncertain as to whether or not to give my months notice because I have no idea if I'll even find a place


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            Originally posted by waiting_games View Post
            Ah, my landlord basically is the letting agents though. I guess I'll speak to them, I'm uncertain as to whether or not to give my months notice because I have no idea if I'll even find a place
            The Agents are only acting for your LL. The letter you received is probably their standard practice.
            There is no need for rushing into giving the LL/Agent your notice. Even if the LL wants you out, they will need to serve you 2 months notice.


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