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    What happens next?

    Today is the last day that my tenant has to file a defence against my Section 21(b) and I just wondered what happens next.

    I understand that I should apply for a judgement in default once today's deadline ahs passed, but I am not sure if the Court will automatically send it to me to fill out, or whether there is a form somewhere that I can download and send off.

    I fully expect that they are waiting to the absolute last minute to fill the defence form in and drop it at the Court. I can't wait to read it if they do.

    With any luck they will move out over the weekend - but I doubt it!


    you should have had a notice sent to you that the defendant had been served. At the bottom of that notice is a form that you complete and send back to the court once the 14 day period is over, requesting judgement.

    your tenant still has till 5pm today to file a defence. Best thing to do is call the court office tomorrow morning, to check if defence has been filed or not, and if not, request judgement and sent in the form.

    You should then get judgement within the next couple week or so, depends on how busy court is. And if judge is quick and plays ball, possession date will be 2 weeks from date of judgement.

    if tenant files defence, then judge will set a date for hearing, and then ...

    let the games begin ...


      Originally posted by Ann.C View Post
      Today is the last day that my tenant has to file a defence against my Section 21(b).
      "Section 21(b)" of what? Do you mean s.21(1)(b) of the Housing Act 1988?
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        What happens next?

        Sorry Jeffery, I do mean 21(1)(b).

        I shall check the form I received from the Court, I believe you are correct that there is a tear off slip.


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