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    I am new to this forum but it looks a really useful place for folk to swap thoughts etc. I bought a property 2 years ago, at auction and fire damaged. Spent £30K getting it done up and it was vacant until about 6 months ago.

    I need to now do HMRC self assessment. It is in my sole name but wonder for rental income tax purposes best to arrange for my wife to go on deeds. I am 40% tax payer, she is 20%. Not sure if this helps or best it be soley in her name? Also wonder if in sole or joint names affects any gains tax in the future as better to have a joint allowance rather than one?

    I need to see an accountant but any thoughts from anyone who has been through this would be a real help.



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      I've just posted something on GDPR and then wondered whether it had been discussed on here before - a quick search implies its never been mentioned.

      I thought I would raise a topic to discuss it and the implications on landlords.In effect this is a replacement of the Data Protection Act...
      20-07-2017, 15:01 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      Principle 8 - and probably Principle 7 (data is automatically replicated onto insecure devices).

      Amazon allows users to control where their data is stored.
      Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox and Google do for their business offerings but not for their personal products.

      This sounds...
      21-07-2017, 14:39 PM
    • Renting a flat to a company
      In the small block were I live the guy below me in the shop me and my wife rent to him wants one of the flats next door which is now empty. He says he wants to stick his workers in it and I am just wondering how it works or if you can do it seeing as you have to register the deposit etc?
      21-07-2017, 14:02 PM
    • Reply to Renting a flat to a company

      I've lost track of the number of times I've seen on this forum posts like this. Why would you consider going into business with someone who you dont trust due to previous issues? Walk away.

      To answer slightly mroe definitively, you cant have a tenancy...
      21-07-2017, 14:19 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      The ones I have mentioned all explicitly state that they are compliant with Privacy Shield.

      I mean, as said and repeated, if you are a cloud data provider in the EU and a minimum serious then your service complies with EU law...

      Beyond that, they cannot check and be responsible...
      21-07-2017, 13:54 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      The only popular (used by real people routinely) cloud supplier who claims compliance is Microsoft for Office 365 storage (since 2014).
      None of the other suppliers, as far as I can find out, claim to be compliant - although it's fudged on most of their "help" pages.

      I am...
      A data storage strategy is important because digital storage media are inherently unreliable and all file formats and physical storage media will ultimately become obsolete.
      21-07-2017, 13:44 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      Read my comments again... Thank you for your contribution to the thread.

      Privacy Shield has only been mentioned in relation to compliance with current rules.

      As said, I'm sure providers will update their operations to comply with the GDPR,...
      21-07-2017, 13:33 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      I feel that GDPR is being misunderstood here (which is common).

      Privacy Shield is one tick box (of many) towards GDPR compliance. It allows the "transfer" of data outside of the EU jurisdiction.

      However, it doesnt (for example) address the needs for the Data Controller...
      21-07-2017, 13:25 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      backblaze is one such "serious" provider... and yet it doesn't let you choose....
      21-07-2017, 13:15 PM
    • Reply to Discussion - GDPR and implications on landlords
      It currently allows to send data to the US legally. As said, if your provider either keeps the data in the EU or complies with Privacy Shield then there is no problem.

      I have no doubt that storage providers will adapt to the GDPR so as to continue doing business legally in the EU. Landlords...
      21-07-2017, 12:20 PM