Small claims against tenants on benefits

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  • Small claims against tenants on benefits

    Dear Forum,

    I started the small claims process against a number of ex tenants who are on numerous state benefits. I have the easy part now, which is getting the orders, but this did not encourage any of them to pay.

    I have been advised by the Courts to read through numerous leaflets etc, but my question is, can I apply for attachment to earnings against the benefits that someone receives, even if the payment will be a few pounds a week.

    Any advice on the best way to get monies owed back, as all of the tenants simply have walked off with the Housing Benefit money.


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    There was this discussion a few months ago

    But it would seem probably not!


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      Here are the enforcement options.

      They all involve further fees, which can, I believe, be added to the debt. Read through the link for the 'Order to obtain information'. This isn't an enforcement method, per se, but can ultimately result in an offer or order to pay by installments.


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