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    I have recently received an unpaid invoice from a glazing company stating that I owe them for a window that was replaced. At the time I paid the LA direct for the replacement. The conclusion is that the LA never paid the glazing company. Am I still liable for the debt as the contract was initially between the LA and the glazing company? The LA has gone out of business and unfortunately I have no receipt of payment. I am concerned that the glazing company may try to reclaim the glass.

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    If the contract is between the LA and the glazing company, then you have no liability to the glazing company.

    N.B. If the LA is your agent (i.e. you are LL and you are his principal) then a contract may exist between you and the glazing company if the LA was acting as your agent when entering into the agreement (on your behalf) with the company.


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      Thanks for the reply Dominic
      I had no management contract with the LA. The LA was trying to find a tenant for the property and reported it had been vandalised whilst empty he offered to get it replaced, I agreed and paid the bill, am I still liable?


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        How much is the glazing company claiming you owe them?

        I agree with dominic. Even though the letting agent did not have a management contract with you, he was in fact acting as your agent in organising the window repair to your property. I am afraid, unfair as it seems, you may well be liable for the debt. You could sue the agent for it, but I cannot think it would be worth it.
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