Problem landlord- gas certificate,deposit and mould

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  • Problem landlord- gas certificate,deposit and mould

    i need help really im only 19 i dont know my rights.
    First of all the flat that i rent had damp in every room. its like white and black furr growing of the walls and you can feel there physically wet to touch.I wake up sometimes with water dripping on my face. Is there anything i can do to persuade my landlord to do something about it? I bleach the mould at least 4 times a week but its getting a bit much i use a laundrette so it cant be damp clothes causing it.
    My boiler was new when i moved in but my landlord admited it has never had a Gas safety certicicate.
    I recently had my loft insulated however the loft was full of my landlords stuff and i had to get it all out the attic in order to get it insulated so i lost the use of one bedroom. Then when i told him, he only replied well you can put it all back up there cant you ? ... so i did but im sure he cant store all his belongings in my flat.
    It will also be the end of my tenancy agreement soon and my landlord wants to renew it but im not sure if i want to be stuck there for another 6 months.
    I love the flat just withought the mould please help
    Also i put a new kitchen in and new flooring when i moved in and paid for it out of my own pocket.i know he hasnt safeguarded my deposit and i dont believe he will give it back what can i do ???
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    On the last point: look at s.213 of the Housing Act 2004. Consider suing L for deposit protection/return + 3x deposit civil penalty.
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      with regards to the gas safety certificate, write to him requesting that he gets one straight away or that you will report him to the HSE.


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        Gas certificate

        i have asked him to get a certificate as we have already has gas man out because of the smell of gas , however he is still reluctant to do anything about it and just keeps saying a mate of mine will do it when hes free but its almost been 6 months just seems hes only worried about the money i give him.


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          You need to decide what costs you more in money and hassle:

          a. moving out (cost of kitchen you paid for*, stress of moving etc); vs

          b. staying put (the stress of living in a mouldy, unsafe house with a nice kitchen, but with an uncooperative LL).

          *You won't get the cost of this back.


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            I do understand to be honest the cost of the things ive done to the flat doesnt bother me i needed a kitchen and got one thats in the past, i just want to know if theres anythi8ng i can do about the mould gas ect i have contacted environmental health in november but they said they were quite buisy due to christmas and they woukld get back to me. They havent. The council paying my rent say there is nothing they can do. i odnt know what else to do


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              Your LL sounds like a complete berk to be honest.

              As do your local council. I would suggest telling them you believe the gas installations to be dangerous and see how quickly they find time to come and see you then?!

              And definitely sue him for now protecting the deposit. Everyone else has to. why should he get away with it?


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                make that 'NOT' protecting the deposit!


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                  The problem is i dont have the money to spend on sueing him as im a full time student , my deposit of 550 was a bithday present from my grandmother.
                  If i have his belongings all over my maisonette.
                  There was no inventory and i rented unfurbished would it be bad for me to chuck it all out ? I have asked him about the stuff on countless occasions but he thinks its ok to be there.

                  I dont want to withold the rent because he probably still has to pay his mortgage and ill probably get in trouble.

                  What can i do about the mould everything feels wet and smells damp all the time you can tell the roofs leaking because in the day you can see light comeing through the roof.

                  The landlords claiming the problemns arnt his problems there the leaseholders so witholding the rwent still wont make the lease holder get a move on.

                  A Surveyor has been round and said the roof tiles need replacing so does the guttering and 4ft by 4 ft of rendoring. if this doesnt solve the problem i need a new roof.
                  But when the surveyor told the leaseholder he told me to clear the guttering out and purchase a dehumidifier. Its rediculouse when it rains outside it rains inside for me its unbelieveable.


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                    Beg steal or borrow to sue him, because if he hasn't protected your deposit he will definitely lose, and have to pay your costs too. He won't have a leg to stand on.

                    You need to press the council housing standards dept. They will order the LL to carry out necessary repairs, AND get a gas safety certificate, which I am confident will fail first time!


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                      The gas safety cert is very serious. Don't allow the twit of a landlord to keep fobbing you off as it's your life that is at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, not his!

                      I'd suggest speaking to the housing officer at your local council. They will likely want to inspect the property and as well as forcing the landlord to carry out repairs/gas safety check they will advise you about the condensation/mould problems.

                      As for sueing for the deposit perhaps once the above's been done the landlord will realise he needs to do things by the book and get it in a scheme.


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                        Be careful about suing. I have read elsewhere on this site tenants being asked for court costs.


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                          Also due to recent court cases all he will just have to protect the deposit as soon as he receives the summons.
                          If you can smell gas then don't mess around call transco.
                          If he still refuses to get a GSC get in touch with the HSE.
                          Follow up your call to the LA private rentals officer, with regards to the disrepair.
                          Why can't you just put his stuff back in the loft.


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                            I cant just put all his stuff back in the loft because the insulation is there and i can no longer see where the floor boards are and might put things up there and they fall through the ceiling. Then ill be charged for a new ceiling. So now im paying rent for a two bedroom when i only have one.


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