Difficulties being eligible to rent

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  • tenant1971

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  • tenant1971
    I was hoping for more replies than this, given that this is a landlord forum.

    Can anyone else shed any light onto this? What exactly are these credit check companies looking for, and why is it such a problem if I offer to pay the money up front.

    When I had my credit check done for my current rented flat, to my astonishment my credit check came back okay. As I say, there is only the long-discharged bankruptcy on there, and no CCJs, etc.

    Maras seem so strict, I've never had so many questions. I have done some freelance cash-in-hand work, for example, yet Maras want to know the name of my auditor or accountant, etc.

    And how do these agencies respond to the landlord. Do they even give he or she a choice in who to accept, or is it the stereotyped "computer says no" response.

    Grateful for any feedback. Thanks.

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  • tenant1971
    12 months?

    Well, I'm not sure. I would think that's a little unfair though, as we may want to move after 6 months if we don't like the flat.

    Isn't it a bit unreasonable to make people in my position commit themselves for longer, when 6 months rent, entirely paid in advance, is more than reasonable?

    What I'm asking, though, is if anyone (ideally landlords on here) would turn me down based on what I've told you about my credit history (I was discharged from bankruptcy after only six months, nearly ten years ago) and my proposal (6 months rent, paid in advance via bank transfer).

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  • JK0
    What about if you offered to pay 12 months up front? Surely they wouldn't turn that down?

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  • tenant1971
    started a topic Difficulties being eligible to rent

    Difficulties being eligible to rent

    I owned my own property, a house worth £100k or so.

    I sold it for about £75,000.

    As I wanted to further my career, I left my dead-end job in order to study. However, due to the nature of the study, I am doing it full-time at home. But because I don't attend an institution, I am not eligible for a Student Card.

    Nearly a decade ago I filed for bankruptcy as student loans and the aftermath had took its toll. Had I heard more about IVAs at the time, I might have done one of those instead, but I didn't, and so there you go.

    Other than that, there is no blemish on my credit history. I have never attempted to get credit since, and just spend on what I can afford. I use a pre-pay credit card for online purchases.

    The letting agent for my first flat after selling my house did a credit check on me, and insisted I pay 6 months in advance. I didn't have a problem with this as I have sold a property.

    I am now moving again, however, due to family reasons, after only three months. My current landlord is annoyed at this, although I can't see why, as I have paid her for six months and have only stayed three, therefore she can let the property and have double money for three months.

    For the next move, I am moving in with my girlfriend, who is on a high income. However either of us could afford this flat independently. Having said that they have done a credit check on both of us, despite me offering to pay the full six months for both of us up front.

    It's with Maras, which I've heard are a total nightmare. It is going to be really hard to get a guarantor.

    I really find it hard to understand how paying the money for the whole term UP FRONT can still be rejected. It's stupid in my opinion. I know if I was a landlord, I'd prefer someone doing that with a blemish on their credit history, than someone who didn't, paying just a month at a time.

    What are people's opinions on here?


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