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  • Want To Rent But Unsure About Reference

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I am currently living with my partner and mother in law, and we are looking to move out in the coming months as we now both have jobs and can afford to. The problem is before we lived here we lived at a flat.

    The flat was falling apart and everytime we told the letting agents (who would not allow us to contact the landlord direct) they said they would sort it out but nothing ever came to pass. Then last year in september they sent us a letter saying the landlord was attempting to sell the property so they could no longer guarantee our tenancy. Because we wanted reasonable notice we decided to leave ourselves but this was an impulse decision so we just left without notice. Now our tenancy agreement was only in my name so my partner would be fine checks wise but the problem is that she is on a lowish wage so we both need to apply. I was just thinking that when we go to try for another property they will contact the letting agents who will possibly give me a bad reference which could stop me getting a property. Is there anything that can be done about this?



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    I think the proverb about making your own bed and lying in it comes to mind here.

    You could explain the circumstances to a new prospective LL or LA, if you have a good payment record, show them your statements. If you have previous landlords you have been tenants of, ask them for references.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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      Had the fixed term come to an end by the time you upped and left?

      You should expect that the landlord will either state that you left without notice or will not give a reference at all. Nothing you can do about that.

      Like jta said if you can demonstrate to future prospective landlords that you paid rent regularly, someone will take that into consideration.

      For your next property you must examine everything a lot more carefully. If you find faults, get it in writing that they will be repaired before you move in. You preferably need to see that all issues have been dealt with before signing any tenancy agreement. This approach helps to avoid disappointment.


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      • Tenant threatens legal action
        Hi all

        A former tenant of mine whom moved out without giving 4 weeks notice as per his contract is threatening legal action over a deposit which I did not protect in time and was returned to him in full once the admin error was realised (my farther usually deals with the paperwork)
        16-08-2017, 16:16 PM
      • Reply to Tenant threatens legal action
        Without wishing to sound rude, you don't sound at all competent to head this off without help.

        I'd recommend you instruct a good solicitor specialising in property to deal with this on your behalf.
        22-08-2017, 05:09 AM
      • evicting a tenant
        Hello there, I have been renting my property for the last 2 and a half years and have been doing so with a 6 month AST contract. At the end of the current contract (which I renewed last weekend) I wish to take the property back, I stated this to my tenant before the tenant signed the current contract...
        20-08-2017, 14:49 PM
      • Reply to evicting a tenant
        Get a new GSC arranged. A valid GSC is a requirement during any Tenancy..
        T does not have to vacate on expiry of Repo Notice, she could remain your T until legally evicted by Court Bailiffs after a further several weeks/months.
        For ~£50 (tax deductible), is it worth the risk?
        22-08-2017, 01:50 AM
      • Joint tenancy deposit responsibility
        Hi Guys,

        I was wondering if you could advise me on where I stand. I have a property which I have rented out for the last four years to a group and each time one person leaves then the original guys source a new person and just give the incoming deposit back to the outgoing person and I...
        20-08-2017, 11:41 AM
      • Reply to Joint tenancy deposit responsibility
        Sloppy LL'ing.

        When did original Tenancy commence with original Ts?
        Who, if anyone, still remains?
        Did you nominate a T to do your job ie return ind deposits, check new Ts for Right to Rent, conduct nec checks on new T?
        Give permission for him to sub-let?
        How do...
        22-08-2017, 01:10 AM
      • Reply to Joint tenancy deposit responsibility
        Sounds like the guy who contacted you was your tenant's lodger, doesn't it? Therefore it's up to tenant whether to return deposit or not. (Sounds like room was left in a bad state.)
        21-08-2017, 23:43 PM
      • Reply to evicting a tenant
        Thanks for the confirmation, so would this be ok to send to the tenant?

        I am thinking of using this template as it seems to be the best one available. I will send that and a letter stating that I will let them end there tenancy...
        21-08-2017, 22:41 PM
      • Reply to Tenant threatens legal action
        I suppose on a positive the fact you returned it BEFORE the tenancy ended is in your favour.

        No win no fee solicitors like straight forward cases.

        One of the first questions they ask are if there are any rent arrears or claims to damages. You may well ward them off with a ...
        21-08-2017, 22:27 PM
      • Reply to Joint tenancy deposit responsibility
        The short summary is that the situation you have created is the proverbial dog's breakfast.

        Who is your tenant? The fact that you cannot answer that question means that you are lining yourself up for massive problems.

        You have two basic types of tenancies - where you have every...
        21-08-2017, 22:22 PM