LL hasn't sorted things for moving in date

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  • LL hasn't sorted things for moving in date

    We moved into the property today. This date was agreed in writing a month ago with the letting agent and LL.

    The house needed the gas cooker sorting. (Apparently a pipe needed cutting down so that the LL could install a gas cooker and have it checked). " of the fence panels in the back garden leading into next doors agrden had also blown down in the wind when we viewed the property 6weeks ago.

    The LL stated that these would be sorted by the moving in date. (he has had 4weeks to sort these problems).

    We have moved in today as the tenancy in our other has ran out today so had no choice really. The LL has not sorted the cooker and now said it will be within the next 2 weeks, and the fence panels have not been replaced.

    I have 2 young children and no only have a microwave to cook from which Im not a fan of using, and an unsecure back garden, the neighbours have 2 dogs which have been roaming back and forth the gardens all day.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

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    Two weeks to get a gas cooker connected sounds a little on the long side. You could write a letter to the landlord stating you want it fixed within say 7 days and if its not you'll arrange to get it done and deduct the cost from the next rent payment.

    As far as the fence is concerned.....its the neighbours responsibility to keep his dogs on his property and not your landlords job to keep them out. Ask your councils enviromental health dept to have a word with your neighbour.


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      Same situation

      Interested in hearing the replies to this one as we're in the same situation.

      Due to check into property at 4pm yesterday, got a call at 2.30 to advise that they'd discovered the boiler was broken and would need replacing.

      Not a huge problem in itself, house has been empty sometime and system had been drained so these things can happen. They've said they will replace on Monday and we still have our old rental for another week. Get to checking in time and find the back patio hasn't been done (had been dug up to replace) and had in writing that it would be completed, more promises of completion within a week. We were told when viewing that an oven with an extractor fan would be fitted, but only a freestanding oven and no extractor. Electric connection to shower also appears to be not working, no light comes on when you pull the cord. Place is generally dirty. We've since discovered an electrical socket hanging off the wall (hidden by open door on inventory inspection), the sink in the bathroom is just balanced on a pedestal not screwed to wall, what we thought was a blown bulb, is a socket that's crumbled on inspection and is missing the brown wire connection, garage key supplied doesn't open garage. We should have walked away then instead of signing the contract, but when you've already paid out 200 pound as a reservation deposit, given notice at your current place, started to arrange moving and in a location where rental properties aren't all that abundant it's very hard to do.

      I could be worrying for nothing, it might all get fixed as promised, it's just a bit of extra stress i could do without. If these things don't get fixed, are we obliged to continue the tenancy and pay the full amount of rent? Are there any guidelines on rent reductions in the absence of certain services being provided (edit: I mean in agreement with landlord, I know we are not allowed to withhold rent)


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