Section 48 wrong address /Disrepair for gas leak

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  • Section 48 wrong address /Disrepair for gas leak

    Hi there and I would like to ask a few questions if I may. I am a tenant and have been for 5.5 years. When we moved in we signed a AST for 6 months and attached to that were letting provisions. This has been refered to every 6 or 12 months since we moved when we have signed a new tenancy agreement.

    We have had some trouble of a serious nature and on finding out the section 48 is showing a letting agents that the landlord has not and did not use since and before we moved in. it was explained to me by the letting agent the landlord is using copyright material etc. we have sent letters to him at this address prior to needing a solicitor. and most communication was via phone.

    how does this section 48 stand now if they are not his agents and do not forward his mail.

    kind regards

    btw thank you for speaking on the phone this week, i have met some awful solicitors and the best advice was from here and the phone..

    We in our time have had 3 safety 5.5 years... once when i asked.. the others i/ when it broke down for a month/ and the last after a carbon monoxide leak was established. can i do anything about disrepair.. ie breakdown for a month and not servicing it per year .. we have had a gas master plumber write a report and also the gas safe sent an inspector out after the landlords plumber failed to report leak.. didn not shut down boiler for days and also failed to give me documents i requested ie unsafe notice..he had given it to the landlord and i had to ring and request back..

    We are under the care of a toxicology dept my child as well.. .

    any help would be great..we also have been served a section 21 and i did speak on the phone about seems even though we paid the deposit before 2007 we have signed new agreements since then.
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    On s.48: if L's address is incorrectly shown, L cannot claim rent from T. What would fall due is suspended until L complies.
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