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    Originally posted by davidjohnbutton View Post
    My reply is applicable to both a S8 process or an ordinary summons.

    I for one would not be photocopy disclosing my bank statements as part of discovery - on the grounds of privacy and id fraud prevention. I would take them into court with me if need be
    Yes, OP was concerned about privacy issues, quite rightly. Thanks for clarifying.


      Thank you Westminster, Davidjohnbutton & Jeffrey for your replies.

      It is a great relief to know that I do not need to send copies of my bank statements to the other party, I was not happy with having to do that. I will take my bank statements along on the day of the hearing, thank you for the advice.

      During the 25 months that the tenant lived in the flat, I received 20 payments of monthly rent, which I have recorded with the exact date they were credited into my bank account. During that time three cheques were returned unpaid, which I have kept, and seven cheques were unpaid, represented, and finally credited.
      Maybe a list of these payments and non payments, with the appropiate dates and amounts should suffice?

      Westminster: I have phoned the Court several times, to try to find out whether the Counterclaim has been struck out or not, but they still cannot confirm, am I allowed to demand this information?

      Thank you all again



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