New rental apartment search site launched!

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  • New rental apartment search site launched!

    There are hundreds of providers in the market already for listing an apartment that you wish to rent, or for searching for a new apartment. They tend to provide you with more features and information to help you in your apartment hunt, but at times they give you a feel like your search goes never ending!
    a cut above the competitors in terms of usability, design & functionality.
    The website is currently available for beta testing, they say its for the first 1000 visitors, not sure if they have stopped registration, or might have actually launched the website by now
    Here is what they provide on the beta version,
    A neat and clutter free interface to search for apartments, this makes the website have a unique look n feel when comparing to the rest of the rental websites out there which welcomes a user into a crowded (rather polluted) atmosphere!
    A cool feature to compare apartment features with other apartments in the neighborhood, that’s a feature we get to normally see on real estate websites; however it’s the first time i see it as a feature on a home for rent website.
    I will need to return back in a week’s time and hopefully by then they would have the site launched for real use!

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    That reads suspiciously like an advert, but you forgot to put a link, also, judging by the terms used, you are in the colonies. I claim my 50 dollar prize.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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