Landlords Falling Foul of Overcrowding in their Properties

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    Landlords Falling Foul of Overcrowding in their Properties

    Landlord Action are currently working with a national newspaper to highlight the increasing problem of landlords who are falling foul of overcrowding in their rented property. The paper are looking for case studies where this has happened, which is where we need your help. You don't have to put your name or address to the story, just tell us what happened so we can give some examples.

    Of course, if you are happy to be named in the article and would like your five minutes of fame, then that would be even better but this is not essential. No names will be passed on without your specific permission.

    It may be that you let your property to what you thought was a respectable couple who then sublet it to numerous individuals or families without your knowledge or more family members/friends were moved in without your permission so there were too many people living in the space and facilities available.

    The information needed would include:

    • The area the property was in i.e. London, Manchester, etc.
    • The month and year the problem took place
    • Who you thought you were letting to i.e. how many people of what standing (couple/family) and who you discovered was actually living in the property
    • How you sorted the situation and the outcome
    • What your losses were, any damage to the property, etc
    • Any problems you encountered with the authorities when trying to evict your unwanted tenants
    • Anything else you would like to draw to the attention of the reading public

    Any stories would be greatly appreciated so we can highlight this increasing problem and give some tips on how to stop it happening to other landlords.

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