Landlord does not want to extend a letting contract trying to let it to someone else

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    Originally posted by HairyLandlord View Post
    If she or the agent gain access while you are away, you can change the locks on the door to stop this and inform the landlady that you have done so and that she is in breach of the tenancy agreement, under the category of preventing you from having "quiet enjoyment".
    not sure this will achieve anything, other than more aggravation for both parties.
    OP, its not advisable, and not your business to tell viewers about the faults. It can be quite awkward for the agent and the viewer. If LL already wants you out, do you think putting off prospectives will make the situation any better?

    The advice given by Ericthelobster is sound and you'd be adviced to follow it.


      Originally posted by mind the gap View Post
      I am not sure this advice is really relevant here, since OP's declared intention is to make life difficult for the LL by pointing out the repairs he thinks are required, in front of the letting agent and prospective tenants.

      The fact that the LL wants to conduct viewings, however, could be used by the OP as a bargaining device to try to persuade the LL to allow him to continue into a periodic tenancy until T (within an agreed period) finds another home and commits to moving out. T would need to give one month's notice, during which time LL could conduct viewings. This arrangement would only work though if LL trusted T to move out when he promises. Given the absence of goodwill which currently exists between them I am not sure that would be the case.

      I am pointing out the rights that the tenant has and which they may be unaware of.
      If and how they wish to use them is entirely up to them, but since no-one pointed this aspect out to the OP, I thought someone should, since it would give the tenant some time by delaying the moving date of the next tenant or at least the exit date of the OP.

      The effect on the LL/agent, if the OP chooses to exercise those rights, is entirely immaterial and not for the OP to worry about, since they have clearly ended, in their mind, their somewhat dissatisfied relationship with their shortsighted, miserly and petty landlady.


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