Cockroaches - where do I stand as a tenant?

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  • Cockroaches - where do I stand as a tenant?


    I moved into a property 25th Nov 2009 and the day I moved in I found dead cockroaches in the property (no sign or mention of them when i viewed the property) and cockroach spray left in the hallway, cockroach traps in the kitchen and cockroach gel (killer) around the flat.
    I immediately phoned the letting agent who advised they will contact the LL but that I should deal with him direct usually.
    The LL's father called me (my LL lives abroad so the property is managed by his father) and advised there was a problem but it has been dealt with, I was satisfied with this as I had only found dead cockroaches.
    Within the next 3 weeks I kept finding live cockroaches but they were small, I called the LL's father who advised the issue was the communal hallway before but this had been treated but he would get onto the company that manage the block and get the communal hallway treated again as I was mainly finding cockroaches near the front door and had seen live roaches in the communal hallway and my neighbour had also said she has a problem.
    He called the management company who said they had treated the hallways 2 months before and the treatment lasted 6months but they would look into it, he was then on holiday but he advised the pest control company provided by the council would call me to treat my flat again as a precaution, which they did but then never came out!
    My LL's father told me to keep following this up with the block manager which i did but the person i needed was always ''unavailable!!'', eventually i was told she was vsiting my flats that day for another issue, i requested she come and see me which she did and i explained the issue, she eventually agreeded to get the hallways treated although did not seem convinced this was the issue .
    Still nothing seemed to be getting sorted and i have been getting more and bigger cockroaches inside.
    I then emailed my LL and told him that this was completely unacceptable and that I would be moving out if this was not sorted immediately, he called me from abroad and dropped my rent my £250 per month until the issue was sorted, he also raised a complaint with the block manager and refused to pay his service charge until they sorted the issue.
    The management company have sent all 16 tenants a letter saying they MUST get their flat treated as spraying the hallways alone wll not work if the flats are infested.
    Meanwhile someone has been round from the council and treated my flat on friday by putting sticky traps down and will return in 2 weeks to see the extent of the issue but the problem is that the cockroaches dont seem to be being caught in the traps, but i have found 7 in 2 days and put them in the traps so that they can see how many i am getting but i work full time so if they are not getting caught or attracted to the traps there are probably alot more that i dont manage to catch. The council have advised they will spray my flat if I have a big enough problem when he returns in 2 weeks, at this rate the traps wil be full!
    The council worker who treated my flat said that he had only treated one if my neighbours (there are 4 on my floor).
    Ive updated my LL who said he has not heard if the hallways have been treated but would chase this up.....
    I understand he has done his part but the block management dont seem to be doing their part of the bargain.
    Im into my 3rd month in the property now.
    What are my rights if this doesnt get sorted soon, if the other 15 tenants dont get their flats treated as well as the management treating the hallway the problem is never going to get resolved?

    I have reserched on this and my flat has been very thoroughly cleaned and I have followed all of the recommendations to repel cockroaches to no avail.

    Please help me on what my rights are.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Confirm your telephone conversation with the agent in writing while it is fresh in your mind, outlining all that has happened and all that you have noted in your post. You might need it when you vacate.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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