How my HMO has gone from cashflow positive to deep debt :(

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    Originally posted by sjcollett View Post
    MTG thanks for your comments. I will dig out the EPC and reassess the property to see what can be done within a reasonable budget. I would not say the place is shabby, it's in a good location and is to a good standard. My fear being, last year the area saw a 10-20% drop in rents and a lot of supply on the market which meant an increase in voids. The supply has lessened a bit now, but if people moved out I fear I would not be able to get the same rent for the rooms - which ultimately means I start on a downer. (i.e. where i get 400 per month I think it may now be 350 per month)

    Thus the predicament seems to me that I have to accept I am now taking less rent (if you view the increased utility bill share as part of the rent) to enable me to keep the current tenants (or face the prospect of them leaving and me having to get new tenants who will ultimately pay less anyway as the market has moved downwards.

    Does that make sense? Can you see my quandry?

    Although I absolutely agree with you that going forwards this is not an ideal situation and one which I fear leaves me exposed to energy prices hikes (which I have already learnt!). I am just unsure of what to do for the best.
    Sounds as though you are between a rock and a hard place. I am assuming you are drawing £400 per person per month - is that right? It does sound on the expensive side for a single room in a property shared with strangers - is it in London? In Newcastle or Leeds, for example, tenants pay between £45 and £70 for the same thing (including bills) - and you say that you are t the top end price wise for the market in your area. So in some ways, I can understand why your tenants do not feel much conscience about saving your electricity.

    If the rental income does not cover the mortgage repayments + energy bills on the property, you may as well accept that it was a bad business decision in the first place and get shut of it. It does not sound as though there is much potential for improving the rental yield even if you make it more energy efficient. You say on your user profile page that you have lots of properties, so maybe this is just one which you will have to subsidise and make a loss on for a while (in the hope the market improves?) or sacrifice completely.

    Is there any mileage in returning it to a 3 bed family house - how much would that bring in? At least they would be paying all the bills and it would be lower maintenance than young sharers.

    You have probably worked out that there is no magic bullet here.
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      Thanks for your comments. Fortunately (even with the bills) it does still make a profit. Although I am hugely concerned about the energy bills - esp. when you have been kind enough to share how much you pay on your property. I think that is where I may have gone wrong - I don't have another similar property to compare this to and to be frank, I find the consumption to be ludicrous!

      I have now dug out the EPC and will visit week after next with a view to upping loft insulation and looking into cavity wall. Not sure about the boiler upgrade as it's a floor standing behemoth (Thorn M80).

      You have given me much to think about and good advice so thank you again I do appreciate it


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      • Tenant references are a joke.
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        I made two separate requests (one direct and one through a referencing company) for a landlord / agent reference for the same tenant at the same address.

        I got two replies two days apart.

        The first said they had always paid within 7 days of the payment date and that there had...
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        The underlay is the key.
        At home I use cheap carpet (because of pets) over good underlay.
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        I've done some searching and I see people asserting that the typical lifetime of a carpet is between 5 and 7 years. My question is, has this been established in court or is it just general knowledge?...
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        Let’s be honest, most tenants don’t look after carpets as well as a homeowner. There is no point putting a quality in a rental when you can’t be sure how it will be looked after - a burn or a coffee / wine stain will ruin a decent carpet as well as a cheap one. I go for a bleach cleanable, mid...
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        There was nothing about a default in the post I was responding to.
        The post said that there had been a hearing, so if there was a default, it would have to be some kind of procedural issue.
        If you don't turn up to defend a claim, there has to have been some kind of error in notification...
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      • MCOL & PCOL
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        Hello Everyone,

        Via Section 21,i have recently been granted a possession order for my property to happen in middle Jan 2021. The tenants are claiming housing benefit and they owe rent arrears and monies just under £7000 - I have applied for MCOL and now currently waiting to request judgement...
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        Most of my carpets in my own home (good quality) are 15+ years old and still, with care, look perfect.

        Asking carpet people how often you need to replace your carpet is like asking a damp proofing installer whether you need damp proofing....
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        Yes - both references received 2 days apart from the dedicated referencing department of a national group of letting agents....
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