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    2 months clear notice?

    I'm about to submit forms to the court to obtain a possession order for my property (tenant refusing to move out).

    I have read on many posts that I have to give 2 clear months notice when serving the S21 to the tenant.

    My tenancy agreement with the tenants is due to expire 5th February 2010. I served notice to them on December 5th 2009. This may be a stupid question, but is that 2 clear months?


    No problem for s21(1)b


      Thank you



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        He is your son, you house him for free....
        19-01-2019, 12:07 PM
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        From what I see, this is an obstruction to your "Right to free and unobstructed access to your property"
        If it was me, I would pivot the bike ( as it's chained to the rails, ) so that the bike is behind the dustbin.
        Dust bin Hard against the bike.
        It's your right to remove
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        Legal time is not the same as real time.
        Things don't just happen at the same time, they happen in a sequence at the same time.

        It doesn't matter in the insurance policy example, but it does in a complex series of transactions (like selling a house).

        However, I have to...
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        Estate agent said I need to evict the tenant.
        I'm happy to pay for this service to get it right first time and have seen landlord...
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      • Reply to How to get tenant out
        I get the impression that certain companies push clients down the s8 route to garner fees from court appearances, rather than suggesting an easier diy s21 eviction. Do some reading here about s21 before giving a lawyer a payday, IIWY.
        19-01-2019, 10:04 AM
      • Reply to How to get tenant out
        If you dont know how to do it then yes. It may take a while if you havent served the correct paperwork...
        19-01-2019, 09:56 AM
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        It;s not possible to know whether it is a health and safety issue just from the photograph, as we cannot see whether or not you would already have reached a place of safety on the far side of the gate.

        It is a trespass against the owner of the gate and against the owner of the road, and...
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