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    Increasing the Rent

    Hi all,

    I've searched through the forums and I've googled this, and I'm close to knowing the answer, but could still do with a little help.

    My T is nearing the end of her second 6 month AST. It ends on 24 April. The AST contains no provisions to increase the rent. I maintain a good relationship with my T and therefore don't want her to move out. I would like to increase the rent slightly as I believe it is below market rates currently.

    So, how can I go about this? I had thought that, as she'll be signing a third AST after she has been in the property I'll be able to increase the rent by mutual agreement. Is this possible? I'd like to write her a letter in the next couple of weeks so that she has at least two months notice of the increase and, if she agrees, simply put the new stated rental amount on her new (third) AST in April.

    I'm not 100% sure if a Section 13 notice is necessary at this stage, because it seems to imply that if the AST contains no provision to increase the rent and the T doesn't agree, I'll need a Section 13 notice.

    Any definitive answers much appreciated. Thanks!

    If you sign a new AST, with an increased rent, the s13 isn't required.

    If the tenancy goes periodic, and providing there hasn't been an increase in the previous 12 months, then s13.

    However, to be on the safe side, issue s13 before 24 March with your proposed rate for the new AST - that way you get your increase whatever T decides to do (well, not if the leave on 24/4 obviously)


      That's grand. Thanks for the advice!


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