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    Hi all! Could some one please tell me of any legal implications of taking a digital photo of your tenants? The scenario is as follows 4 people want to rent one of my houses but I only want 1 name on the tenancy agreement with the other 3 as allowed to live in the house. If I have a photo’s along with that persons details I have an overview of what’s going on in the property with regard to people living there.
    If say 5 months later 1 person leaves what is there to stop the tenant on the tenancy agreement getting someone else in who I have not vetted.if you take this to the end result you could have a house full of people you dont know.

    Very simply ask each person if they object to you to taking a picture of them and describe the reason as you say in your post. If they say Yes, then take piccy - if they say No, explain that this is going to affect your decision as to whether or not to take them on as a tenant and you will let them know your decision in due course. (Which of course will be adverse to the "piccyless ones") If they then say Yes, then take piccy!

    Cannot see how the above could break race/religion/disabled etc. discrimination laws.


      I used to teach a class of mature students in a computer studies class. I took pictures of all students so I would know who they were. All except one guy who said he would refuse on the basis that it was against his religion. After a silent pause and a few sniggers we got on with the class. I got one out of him later when he was stood in the sticky bun queue.


        Just for the record it is is true that in some religions people don't want to have their photo taken because they believe that it takes their soul away (or something similar).
        People should respect that though.


          Why not take a copy of their passports or driving license? that then will be an official document.


            Religious pics...


            i was just reading this and found it interesting.

            I have a few posts of my own on here and thanks for your help people.

            i am a uk born, brummie, muslim, so onto the question of taking pics , religion bound..etc..

            I think religiously i have heard this to be true..about the soul, religion..etc...etc..but having said that, my family, friends, mates, work mates..any other muslim all have had pics taken!

            so i guess it boils down to how strict someone sees their religion ( i dont wen its comes to pics at parks or events or ANYthing for that matter!!) or they just being akward!!?

            Dunno if this helps or makes it even more puzzling but there you go!!!



              Any religion which bans photos must be pretty new.Photographic images have only been around for a hundred years or so.Still catching someone by the sticky buns does sound like a violation.I believe tribal peoples were alarmed when first introduced to cameras and film (not surprisingly) so this is probably how the 'soul' myth arises.


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