Gas bills huge, so putting it on boiler on timer.

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  • Gas bills huge, so putting it on boiler on timer.

    Hi everyone, I have a sixbedroomed HMO a really nice house, very well maintained, also a cleaner once a week. Whilst doing this we have some really good tenants always pay on time etc

    Only problem we have and it is turning into a big problem, is the heating is left on constant. When we have been to house to do alarm check etc it is roasting and no one is at home, the gas bill has just come in and it is 3 times as much as I normally allowfor gas within the total rental cost for each room. In the past we have never had this problem but a tenant remarked to the cleaner that it was for 'free'

    However we cannot endure another bill like this from our own pockets, so our gas engineer is putting in a separate device connected to the boiler so we can set thermostat and also the times the boiler will come on and off.

    The AST that the tenants have says about heating , '...all bills included but electric and gas bills are reviewable every month..'.

    I was going to send them a letter tomorrow explaining what was going to be done and why, does anybody have any views on this and if I am legally doing anything wrong.

    We are very good to our tenants and generally go overboard, lost keys to rooms, locked out, etc and never charge them, but someone is abusing this and we cannot afford it.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, we are in a similar situation to you - gave the readings to eon and when they told me i owed them £1800 i just wanted to cry. Like you I had found the house to be empty - but rather sauna like. I have also now put a timer on the boiler and increased rent by £10 per month (again we have good tenants but I need something a bit extra to cover this). At the end of the day inclusive bill arrangements can only work when tenant's are not taking the P - once they do that then the rent will be EXCLUSIVE. It's a buy to let you're running not a charity!


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      Hi, sjcollett
      thanks for your reply, glad to see if it is working out better for you.
      Fingers crossed for me


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