Issuing Section 8 - how much/little details is needed in Part 4

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  • jeffrey
    I believe that the Court will want full details. Why not do a tabulation showing:
    a. down left side, each date on which rent fell due and the amount falling due; and
    b. down right side, each date on which a payment was made and the amount paid (plus the resultant credit or debit figure c/f)?

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  • Issuing Section 8 - how much/little details is needed in Part 4

    Its a pretty easy one for the regulars to answer and I've searched the forum/google without seeing a clear answer(well for free at least). I've finally plucked up the courage to issue a Section 8 and I will be citing ground 8, 10 and 11.

    For part 4 of the notice is states "Give a full explanation of why each ground is being relied on".

    At the moment my notice is similar to below:
    Ground 8:Rent is payable monthly and at least two months rent is unpaid.

    Ground 10: Amount £X is outstanding to date and Amount £Y will be outstanding by the expiration of the notice and Amount £Z will be the amount it increases on a monthly basis.

    Ground 11: The tenant has persistantly failed to pay rent which is lawfully due - see attached rent schedule.

    Is the above information enough or do I have to go into more detail?
    I want to keep it factual without drama but unsure if thats enough information, essentially my 'full explanation' is currently a maximum of 2 lines long for each ground.

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