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    Originally posted by mind the gap View Post
    That may well be the case and there may or may not be a sensible reason for the prohibition. I suppose many flats are not suitable for pets (ease of access to outside/lack of garden/noise, etc).

    However Lawcruncher's point was about the general reluctance on the part of LLs to allow pets, including in houses where the premises are suitable.

    I think that part of the problem is that whilst many dog and cat owners are responsible, a significant minority of of them seem to be under the illusion that their particular little Sweetheart-Poochykins or Fluffy-Kitty-Kissball can do no wrong, and they are apparently unable to see or smell the damage an untrained pet can inflict on carpets, furniture, etc. An example of this is the general inability of dog owners (tenants or otherwise) to realise that their houses smell of dog. Everyone else can smell it, but they cannot. Point out the scratches on the door and they'll say 'Oh but that's just his way of telling us he needs a wee. He's very intelligent'.

    Add to this disabling of the senses, the fact that on average people do tend to take more care with their own possessions than with someone else's, and you begin to understand why LLs can be a bit reluctant.

    Having said that, the longer the Ts propose to stay, the less reasonable it seems to ban them from having a pet.
    As a dog owner myself I can see why landlords are reluctant to have pets in their properties. My 'little darling' means about 3 times the amount of cleaning is required than if I did not have him. Next time I'm having a non-shedding pet!
    Recently a tenant in a HMO of 6 professionals asked if she could have a cat. They don't even vacuum or put rubbish out as it is. She told me the rest of the tenants had agreed, until I had an email from one of them saying that she and another girl were allergic to cats... In a property that is let as individual rooms, pets drastically reduce the number of potential tenants out there and had I taken cat girls word, I would have lost 2 of my current tenants.


      Originally posted by remyrobson View Post
      ..... and had I taken cat girls word, I would have lost 2 of my current tenants.
      Never trust Cat-woman, Batman didn’t.
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        As a T with a Dog. You just have to look at how you have seen your house since yourT's moved in and the condition its in before you act upon anything really, If your T's seem like very clean and tidy people and when ever you have been round the place is clean then fingers crossed you will be fine.

        Our LL said to start no dogs but then allowed us to on the condition we would pay for any damage which we would do anyway,Our 8month old dog is also crate trained and untill 100% accident free is not allowed into rooms with carpets. If my dog did however Pee on the carpet i would expect the LL to want the carpets fully cleaned by Pro's at a cost to me/us the pet owner/s.

        Maybe next time or all LL's that allow pets should ask for a £100/£150 Pet deposit for damages made jusy by said pet and mainly only people who take care of the house/flat would be willing to pay the extra to keep there family pet/pets.


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