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    Originally posted by FrustratedTenant View Post
    yesterday a check arrived via recorded delivery from LL for the full amount of my depost (£1938) which has now been cashed into my account and I've checked online that it has cleared.
    Are you sure that the cheque has cleared? My bank will show a cheque has been deposited into my account, the same day that I've paid it in at my branch. Depending on how long the issuing bank takes to clear its cheques, this credit can be in my account for up to five day before it is cancelled for lack of funds or the issuer has cancelled the cheque. So I would wait a few more days before celebrating.


      The "days" are called the 2+4+6 rule. See answer 8 on http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Busin...ion559405.html
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        Good point thanks. I had forgotten that banks don't wait for the cheque to completely clear before showing it in your account. I paid the cheque in yesteday so by the 2-4-6 rule it should be cleared on Tuesday next week.

        I haven't responded to LL with confirmation of a F&F settlement yet so will hold fire until then just in case he tries one last dirty trick!


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